On November 19th 1976, Don Sowma my husband and father of our four children was shot and murdered in the line duty as a Police Officer for the City of Cypress.  Don was killed by Bobby Joe Denney of Ardmore Oklahoma, Denney was himself a former police officer from Healdton Oklahoma and his father, now deceased was a longtime County Sheriff in Oklahoma.  During a burglary, Denney dropped his gun when he heard police outside, he crawled to find it and then shot my husband as he entered the room.

When Don was murdered we had four children Mike, Jack, Donna and Jim who ranged in age between 12-21.  We were also waiting the birth of our first grandchild. A grandchild he never saw, now we have four grandchildren and three great grandchildren, the impact of this crime on our family has been devastating there is so much gone forever!

Bobby Joe Denney was found guilty of murdering Don and was sentenced to State Prison.  In 1993 without our knowledge he was transferred to Harp Correctional Center in Lexington, Oklahoma at the request of his parents. So he could be closer and they could visit.  While I understand the economics it is still an injustice to me, my children and grandchildren! We visit Don at a cemetery.

Bobby Joe Denney has served 35 years of his life sentence and is eligible for parole in Sept 2013.

Bobby Joe Denney made a deliberate choice to find his gun and murder a police officer, a husband, a father and grandfather.

Please honor my Husband by signing this petition and keep Denney in prison.  He is a cold blooded killer who has not shown remorse for his actions.  He is a danger to all of us and especially to every police officer.  He should never be paroled from prison.


Colleen Sowma
Petition circulated by: The Justice for Sergeant Donald Sowma Committee
Jackie Gomez-Whiteley, Chief of Police, Cypress Police Department
Robert Cote, Sergeant, Cypress Police Department
Colleen Sowma
Mike and Christine Sowma
Jack Sowma and Anna Doyle
Jim and Lyrea Sowma
Kristina and Paul Bernal
Timothy Scott Watkins
Ben Sowma and Joshua Sowma

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